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Tim & Cami Engaged

Laguna Beach rocked!  Tim & Cami rocked more!  We trucked on down to Laguna and hit a few cool spots and then ventured a few miles further south and hit the beach.  A thousand steps later we were welcomed by massive waves that sprayed water 40-50 feet in the air, richoceting off anything that got in their way.  It was super duper rad and we got some killer shots.  We also grabbed a few great bloopers to add to our gag reel collection.  To say the least Tim & Cami were great sports… and completely drenched by the end of the shoot.  We can’t wait for their wedding on July 31st at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church and Cost Mesa Country Club. 

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment below the last shot. 

Blooper 1: The shot below is one of many waves that tried to foil the shot above… we prevailed!

Blooper 2: shot below (hysterical) wave completely engulfed Tim & Cami as we attempted the shot above

Blooper 3: Love this next shot below.  There were 4 photog on the beach shooting and one brave-crazy soul convinced his clients to climb up on the ledge for some shots.  I on the other hand chose life.  Needless to say, they survived. 

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We spent a couple weeks in Hilton Head, S.C with my brother and his NEW WIFE!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Joe and I have shared a lot in our lives.  A lot of laughs and tears, good times and broken bones, knocked out teeth and boomerang’s to the face, crabbing expeditions (yes… c-r-a-b-b-i-n-g) that ended up in the emergency room, and bacon-cooking expeditions (which um… also ended up in the emergency room…but that wasn’t my fault).  Anyway, Joe lived through his childhood and…um… I’m a better man for it?  Yeah!

Back in December, Joseph was married to an amazing southern gal, Leigh.  She rocks!  As a gift to them both, we all had some fun.  She brought her gown and he brought his tux.  They bought some flowers, put their faces on… and BAMM we hit Harbor Town on Hilton Head Island.  Ok, the whole face-putting-on-thing, took a little longer than expected so we only had about 45 min of sun light left but, nonetheless… 917 pictures later, we sat down for a drink and some laughs.  I would like to thank my sister and newly hired (and fired) assistant for all her help (litterally running around and tossing me lenses when I beckoned… she left a trail of batteries and lens caps in her wake…).  Anywho, here are a few fun shots with my bro-joe and his super fun wife, Leigh.  Welcome to our crazy family Leigh!

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below the last picture to tell us what you think.

Check out Leigh’s flower-bouquet skills!  Stunning


Can you say, Coca Cola commercial… The entire vacation the frig was stocked with

CASES of Coca Cola.  I discovered later in the vacation that she had an emergency

stash in her bedroom.  Leigh, there are special groups that can help

Every 250 pictures we had to take a coca cola break for “you-know-who”

Love this shot

Thanks for stopping by!  Leigh, we all love you so much, welcome to the family!!!

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