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Ok so here are a few more shots from Leyland & Liza’s amazing NYC wedding.  At 101 Riverviews the reception area just so happened to have a old bank vault (go figure).  Liza came prepared with props, guests tagged the walls, and a little tom-foolery ensued. 

Note To Potential Clients: Should your reception site NOT have an old bank vault (go figure) let me know if you want to set up a little impromptu photobooth to create your own little session of tom-foolery.  Enjoy!


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Here’s a preview from Gary & Lorissa’s wedding at the Odessey in Granada Hills.  More to come soon!

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Their story began when they were 13 & 15 years old.  Leyland and Liza were high school sweethearts but life circumstances pulled them apart for over 10 years.  They re-discovered each other and started dating again a little over 3 years ago.  Leyland proposed on a bench in central park while the ground was covered in snow.  He let her read the book he had made “100 Reasons Why I Love You.”  When she finished the last page and looked up he was on his knee.  He asked and she responded, “For Real!!!”

About a month ago I had the honor to be Leyland and Liza’s photographer and below is a glimpse of the story of their day.  Kyle Burnell assisted me in NYC as second shooter.  The entire day was flawlessly put together by the amazing Christine & Annie with EAP Weddings.  Thanks for stopping by.

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A few formal shots from Leyland & Liza’s amazing NYC wedding a couple weeks ago.  Lots more to come so check back soon!

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I thought I would put up some photos of recent albums we’ve had made for our clients.  Currently we use Leather Craftsmen and couldn’t be happier.  From start to finish they both make our lives easier and produce an amazing finish product.  From customer service to custom bindings, Leather Craftsmen rocks!  If your a photographer in the local Southern California area give Ira Gershoff a call and he’ll take care of you.  Here are a few shots of full feature albums and a new brag book that they offer, which is a replica of the full feature album.  Enjoy and let us know if you are interested in getting an album from your photo shoot.

Featured here is a 10×10 flush mount album with designer mahogany leather (Ernie & Margaret Limon’s 50th Wedding Anniversary) and Philip & Jillian’s 14×10 flush mount album with black japaneese bookcloth.  The soft cover brag books have a custom designed cover and are an exact replica of the full feature album on the inside.  They are perfect as a gift or to stick in your car or bag to show to family and friends.


A few shots of my favorite spreads from Phil & Jill’s album (which they haven’t even seen yet…)

The soft cover brag books come in a 4-pack

Leather Craftsmen offers both cover and spine stamping and engraving

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To many photographers, “Fine Art Photography” means something slightly different.  Like different shades of a color, they are all similar and different at the same time.  For me as a photographer, fine art photography is taking an image and making something new.  Each expression may be similar to the original but a slighly different shade or variation.  Sometimes its extreme and sometimes subtle, but each time its new. 

Ok, I feel like someones standing over my shoulder wispering, “deep thoughts by Jack Handy”… Stop that!  I’ll blow out the candles now and stop being gushy.  Anyway, I wanted to take a picture that I liked straight out of the camera and create something new.  So below is a shot I loved from Nick & Katie’s wedding that I kept fiddling around with.  Nothing too extreme, but each variation is different from the others.  This would be my idea of fine art photography.  Thanks for stopping by and if you can take a minute, please tell me which one strikes your fancy in the comment section below.

Image 1: Original Image (Straight out of the camera)

Note: On each variation of this photograph I used actions from Jesh De Rox Colorshift Actions, some from Boutwells Totally Rad Actions, and a few of my own.  Also used a texture from Jessica Drossin Textures. 

Image 2: Basic Edit

Image 3: Muted Tone

Image 4: Cool Vintage

Image 5: Cool

Image 6: Texture

Image 7: B&W

Image 8: Vintage B&W

Image 9: Cool Vintage B&W

Thanks again for stopping by!

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How do you explain or describe two people that completely rocked your socks off?  I met Nick and Katie for the first time at our engagement session and they told me their “Old Spaghetti Factory” love story which was super cool.  100 reason why I love you said it all.  After the session they bought me coffee and a gelato (quickest way to an Italians heart!)  Nick & Katie are two of the most laid back and loving people I have met in a long time and I was so incredibly honored to document their wedding day.  George and I shot this one and it was so fun.  It was a celebration and it was honestly so much fun.  Everyone had a blast with smiles from ear to ear, which was a reflection back on the two people they were celebrating.  For those of you who have already seen the Facebook post I added a bunch more into the mix for the blog and took a few out.  So make sure to check Facebook if you want to see more. 

Nick & Katie, have an amazing life together and thanks again for letting us be a part of your wedding day. 

P.S. Thank you to everyone who made 2010 an amazing year for TMC Photography!  God blessed us with another great year and we are super exicited about 2011!  Please pass our name around to friends and family or anyone you know who recently got engaged.  The only clients we have are those we get through word of mouth.  We don’t spend any money on marketing and would like to keep it that way.   

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