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Here’s a preview from Gary & Lorissa’s wedding at the Odessey in Granada Hills.  More to come soon!


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I thought I would put up some photos of recent albums we’ve had made for our clients.  Currently we use Leather Craftsmen and couldn’t be happier.  From start to finish they both make our lives easier and produce an amazing finish product.  From customer service to custom bindings, Leather Craftsmen rocks!  If your a photographer in the local Southern California area give Ira Gershoff a call and he’ll take care of you.  Here are a few shots of full feature albums and a new brag book that they offer, which is a replica of the full feature album.  Enjoy and let us know if you are interested in getting an album from your photo shoot.

Featured here is a 10×10 flush mount album with designer mahogany leather (Ernie & Margaret Limon’s 50th Wedding Anniversary) and Philip & Jillian’s 14×10 flush mount album with black japaneese bookcloth.  The soft cover brag books have a custom designed cover and are an exact replica of the full feature album on the inside.  They are perfect as a gift or to stick in your car or bag to show to family and friends.


A few shots of my favorite spreads from Phil & Jill’s album (which they haven’t even seen yet…)

The soft cover brag books come in a 4-pack

Leather Craftsmen offers both cover and spine stamping and engraving

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To many photographers, “Fine Art Photography” means something slightly different.  Like different shades of a color, they are all similar and different at the same time.  For me as a photographer, fine art photography is taking an image and making something new.  Each expression may be similar to the original but a slighly different shade or variation.  Sometimes its extreme and sometimes subtle, but each time its new. 

Ok, I feel like someones standing over my shoulder wispering, “deep thoughts by Jack Handy”… Stop that!  I’ll blow out the candles now and stop being gushy.  Anyway, I wanted to take a picture that I liked straight out of the camera and create something new.  So below is a shot I loved from Nick & Katie’s wedding that I kept fiddling around with.  Nothing too extreme, but each variation is different from the others.  This would be my idea of fine art photography.  Thanks for stopping by and if you can take a minute, please tell me which one strikes your fancy in the comment section below.

Image 1: Original Image (Straight out of the camera)

Note: On each variation of this photograph I used actions from Jesh De Rox Colorshift Actions, some from Boutwells Totally Rad Actions, and a few of my own.  Also used a texture from Jessica Drossin Textures. 

Image 2: Basic Edit

Image 3: Muted Tone

Image 4: Cool Vintage

Image 5: Cool

Image 6: Texture

Image 7: B&W

Image 8: Vintage B&W

Image 9: Cool Vintage B&W

Thanks again for stopping by!

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We often kick ourselves for taking things for granted, for not appreciating what we have and what we are given.  Our lives are a series of moments that line up like dominos.  Day in a day out we live and choose and remember.  A couple weeks ago, I was reminded of how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place.  As I second shot for the amazing Brian Fletcher in photographing Josh & Debora’s wedding on the Endeavor, the beauty, that I call home, was evident.

In getting to know them, I discovered that they were together for over 6 years and never lived together.  I honored them for that, because I know it could not have been easy.  They agreed to a first look and from the moment they saw each other, you could see in their faces that their long wait was over.  Like your favorite pair of jeans, they fit just right.  The last domino was finally in place behind 6 consecutive years of dominos – And it could finally be knocked over.  Their new life could begin.  It was perfect

Thanks for stopping by – Please let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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Tim & Cami were married on July 31st at the beautiful St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Huntington Beach.  From there we headed over to the OC Performing Arts Center.  Tim is a trained opera singer so this was really special for him.  Having previously performed there, he was like a kid in his own backyard, knowing every nook and cranny.  “Oh let’s get some shots up on the balcony…or…There’s a great statue around the corner, well it’s not really a statue but it’s great, let’s take some over there.”  Skipping around like he owned the place, and hand-in-hand with his bride he was smiling from ear-to-ear…and Cami was skipping right along with him.  From OCPAC we headed over to Costa Mesa Country Club for the reception.  And, just before the sun disappeared we snuck onto the course and were rewarded with absolutely perfect light.    

Side note: I would like to just say that Tim & Cami are two, incredibly sincere, and convicted, and giving people.  Yes, they are in love with each other, as you will see clearly in the photos, but they are also sincere and convicted about their lives and their faith.  They understand what it means to be “married” and to be “family”…and it shows.  As I walked the dance floor during the reception I overheard family and friends, thanking them for the impact they had in their lives.  That really hit me so I wanted to share, and honor them for their good example.  Thank you and congratulations on your new life together. 

A super big thank you to the amazing Brian Fletcher who was my second photographer for the wedding.  You can check out his work at Brian Fletcher Photography.  He rocks.  If you haven’t seen Tim & Cami’s engagement photos yet, and would like to…click here.

The warm natural light just before the sun sets is as perfect as it gets

Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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We spent a couple weeks in Hilton Head, S.C with my brother and his NEW WIFE!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Joe and I have shared a lot in our lives.  A lot of laughs and tears, good times and broken bones, knocked out teeth and boomerang’s to the face, crabbing expeditions (yes… c-r-a-b-b-i-n-g) that ended up in the emergency room, and bacon-cooking expeditions (which um… also ended up in the emergency room…but that wasn’t my fault).  Anyway, Joe lived through his childhood and…um… I’m a better man for it?  Yeah!

Back in December, Joseph was married to an amazing southern gal, Leigh.  She rocks!  As a gift to them both, we all had some fun.  She brought her gown and he brought his tux.  They bought some flowers, put their faces on… and BAMM we hit Harbor Town on Hilton Head Island.  Ok, the whole face-putting-on-thing, took a little longer than expected so we only had about 45 min of sun light left but, nonetheless… 917 pictures later, we sat down for a drink and some laughs.  I would like to thank my sister and newly hired (and fired) assistant for all her help (litterally running around and tossing me lenses when I beckoned… she left a trail of batteries and lens caps in her wake…).  Anywho, here are a few fun shots with my bro-joe and his super fun wife, Leigh.  Welcome to our crazy family Leigh!

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below the last picture to tell us what you think.

Check out Leigh’s flower-bouquet skills!  Stunning


Can you say, Coca Cola commercial… The entire vacation the frig was stocked with

CASES of Coca Cola.  I discovered later in the vacation that she had an emergency

stash in her bedroom.  Leigh, there are special groups that can help

Every 250 pictures we had to take a coca cola break for “you-know-who”

Love this shot

Thanks for stopping by!  Leigh, we all love you so much, welcome to the family!!!

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A couple weeks ago, George and I packed up the car… destination… Phoenix!  Road trip took about 6+ hours and it was super fun (George slept and I drove…I think the sleep did him well because he snapped some incredible shots)  Phil and Jill were awesome to work with and the whole weekend was a blast.  George and I were honored to be a part of such a beautiful wedding day.  Enjoy our telling of their story.   

This little girl is the FUTURE of wedding photography… look at the angle!  SNAP

Thanks for stopping by, please tell us that you think in the comments section below!

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