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We just finished an engagement shoot with the amazing Dan & April.  They are getting married in June and we are super stoked to be a part.  We had so much fun down in Laguna Beach with them and found so many awesome spots to capture some of the fun.  They were such good sports, even when we had them standing in the middle of the road to get a few.  The day finished off perfectly when we (hiked) walked back up about 3000 stairs (only slighly exagerated) from the beach, after just watching a school of dolfin at sunset, which was amazing, and enjoyed a margarita and some nachos and the Cayote Grill… yum

All in all, we had a blast… And it was really hard to narrow down the good ones, so here are a bunch that we really liked. 




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Your Attention Please:  For all those who thought we were having a boy… (buzzer noise) thanks for playing. 

On Sunday morning, April 13th at 6:48am we welcomed Sofia Michelle into the world.  She was 6lbs 4oz (sopping wet) and 18 1/2 inches long.  Elise did absolutely amazing and is recovering quickly.  Our other two are a little confused about this third child that is no longer in mommy’s belly, isn’t going back in mommy’s belly, and who doesn’t eat food like we do.  “No JohnPaul, she’s not going back inside mommy…”  “Maggie, stop sticking your finger in her eye…”  “No, she doesn’t want some of your M&M’s…”  “Maggie, stop sticking your finger in her eye…”  This morning, both Maggie and JP decided they were going to share their Thomas the Tank Engine trains (all of them) with Sofia.  They just kept coming and coming and Sofia took it like a champ. 

Anyway, we are blessed to have her and she smiled (not really) for the camera a few times.  So check her out! (all these pictures were taken only a few minutes after she was born.)

WARNING: She looks a little like an old man and has more wrinkles then my grampa!!!

WARNING: If you make any comments about how she looks like an old man I’ll mail you a dirty diaper.

WARNING: Lot’s of naked baby ahead!!!!

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Ok, so most of you already know, but Elise is due in about 5 days and she finally felt up to taking a few shots of #3.  We don’t know if its a boy or a girl yet so for now he or she’s #3.  We got a few good ones and had some fun with them.  Take a look and tell us what you think… Boy… or… Girl?

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We had the honor to be flown out to Fort Lauderdale Florida back in January to shoot a wedding for some great friends.  It took a while to get these pictures up, but hey, better blog then never..right?  Here are a few we liked.   

center piece

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Nick and Stef

I was in New Jersey for Christmas (cuz that’s where I’m from).  We had a blast and on Jan 4th we headed down to south Jersey for a great friends wedding.  Stef looked absolutely beautiful and Nick’s a stud.  I wasn’t the photographer for the wedding, but hey why be a photographer if you not gonna shoot anway.  I didn’t have my equipment but got a few good ones with an old Nikon.  I know it’s a little late, but I figured I’d throw a few up that I liked.  Love ya stef!  Can’t wait to see you guys on New Years 2010! (We like to plan ahead…)

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We just had the opportunity to take some pictures in San Diego for a great friend of ours (Byrnes).  He runs the Forum in Carlsbad.  It’s a highend retail “Lifestyle” center (I think that’s what it’s called).  If you want to do some fun shopping or hit up some great restaurants, check it out. 

The best part about the shoot, was climbing the hill across the street to get some shots of the whole complex at night.  I almost fell off the ledge a couple times but all in all it was a great shoot.  Enjoy the shots!

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