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This past week Elise and I have been going through literally thousands of photos so we can get a bunch printed and make some fun family albums.  We came across a bunch from January, yes January, when we  packed up and went to Irvine’s, Great Park Balloon .  Elise checked it out and thought it would be fun… she was right.  If you haven’t gone, set a date and go!  It’s FREE and amazing.  The kids absolutely loved it… and the “big” kids loved it too.    With huge fields to run around, throw a frisbee, kick a soccer ball or just lay out for a picnic, you can make a day of it.  JohnPaul, Maggie, Sofia and Giuliana were amazed at this Big Orange Balloon (that’s what they called it) going up and down in the air.  The balloon is actually the first of it’s kind in the United States.  It’s not a “hot-air” balloon but is in fact a tethered helium balloon, 118 feet tall.  It takes you up 400 feet and you can see for miles.  Super fun and well worth it. 

The clouds looked as though someone had painted them

Giuliana was only 4 months old here…

Without fail, JP and Mags always try to squeeze each other’s heads off in an attempt to pose for a picture

boo-boo’s heal much faster with transformer bandaids… they have special powers, yup

Sofia was content running around the inside of the balloon’s basket

On this photo I used a texture I shot of a cool fabric I found in balloon waiting area


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This past Sunday, we packed up the Tahoe and headed South to meet up with some great friends from college, Dominic and Christine.  Where did we go to college, you ask… Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio… Best university in the country… thanks for asking.

Anyway, the kids were wired and it was just shy of 137 degrees out, so we pulled out the kiddy pool, swung from trees, used lincoln-logs as swords (yup) and had some good summer fun!  Dom & Christine, great to see you guys!

After everyone was out of the pool, Sofia just stood, grinning in the middle, completely content with filling her blue tea cup and drinking the pool water that they had been playing in for the past hour… mmmm tasty

Yes Sofia, that’s the moon…

Elise and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary… Love you babe!

Just after sunset the sky was incredible…

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Tim & Cami were married on July 31st at the beautiful St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Huntington Beach.  From there we headed over to the OC Performing Arts Center.  Tim is a trained opera singer so this was really special for him.  Having previously performed there, he was like a kid in his own backyard, knowing every nook and cranny.  “Oh let’s get some shots up on the balcony…or…There’s a great statue around the corner, well it’s not really a statue but it’s great, let’s take some over there.”  Skipping around like he owned the place, and hand-in-hand with his bride he was smiling from ear-to-ear…and Cami was skipping right along with him.  From OCPAC we headed over to Costa Mesa Country Club for the reception.  And, just before the sun disappeared we snuck onto the course and were rewarded with absolutely perfect light.    

Side note: I would like to just say that Tim & Cami are two, incredibly sincere, and convicted, and giving people.  Yes, they are in love with each other, as you will see clearly in the photos, but they are also sincere and convicted about their lives and their faith.  They understand what it means to be “married” and to be “family”…and it shows.  As I walked the dance floor during the reception I overheard family and friends, thanking them for the impact they had in their lives.  That really hit me so I wanted to share, and honor them for their good example.  Thank you and congratulations on your new life together. 

A super big thank you to the amazing Brian Fletcher who was my second photographer for the wedding.  You can check out his work at Brian Fletcher Photography.  He rocks.  If you haven’t seen Tim & Cami’s engagement photos yet, and would like to…click here.

The warm natural light just before the sun sets is as perfect as it gets

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