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Ok so here are a few more shots from Leyland & Liza’s amazing NYC wedding.  At 101 Riverviews the reception area just so happened to have a old bank vault (go figure).  Liza came prepared with props, guests tagged the walls, and a little tom-foolery ensued. 

Note To Potential Clients: Should your reception site NOT have an old bank vault (go figure) let me know if you want to set up a little impromptu photobooth to create your own little session of tom-foolery.  Enjoy!


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Their story began when they were 13 & 15 years old.  Leyland and Liza were high school sweethearts but life circumstances pulled them apart for over 10 years.  They re-discovered each other and started dating again a little over 3 years ago.  Leyland proposed on a bench in central park while the ground was covered in snow.  He let her read the book he had made “100 Reasons Why I Love You.”  When she finished the last page and looked up he was on his knee.  He asked and she responded, “For Real!!!”

About a month ago I had the honor to be Leyland and Liza’s photographer and below is a glimpse of the story of their day.  Kyle Burnell assisted me in NYC as second shooter.  The entire day was flawlessly put together by the amazing Christine & Annie with EAP Weddings.  Thanks for stopping by.

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