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Ok so here are a few more shots from Leyland & Liza’s amazing NYC wedding.  At 101 Riverviews the reception area just so happened to have a old bank vault (go figure).  Liza came prepared with props, guests tagged the walls, and a little tom-foolery ensued. 

Note To Potential Clients: Should your reception site NOT have an old bank vault (go figure) let me know if you want to set up a little impromptu photobooth to create your own little session of tom-foolery.  Enjoy!


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Ok, so as mentioned, i would be adding another post just for the photobooth.  Tim & Zsuzsi wanted to add the photobooth at their wedding and it was way to fun.  People just kept coming back, always with something crazier (my wife was at the top of that list.)  There are way to many to add all the good ones, but I can at least throw a few (dozen) up.  However, all of the photobooth images will be available on the website’s client proofing section in their very own gallery. 

If you were there and want to check out the fun, contact Tim & Zsuzsi and they can give you the password.  They will be up sometime over the next few days.  Here are some of our crazy favorites. (don’t forget to leave a comment at the end of the post…)

yum… newcastle

yes…that’s right… the one with the blood rushing to her brain is my wife.

sour lemons maybe… not really sure what’s going on here

play that air guitar!

i’m pretty sure he carried 4 and 15 around all night

Congrats guys! (they got married today)

…and our favorite for the night!

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